The garage door opener is a modern convenience. But like many things, it needs adjusting so it works correctly. It has made life easier. So when your garage door opener decides to stop working, well you can give us a call to help! Before you do though there is some troubleshooting you can do to make sure your door is working well. If your opener does not close all the way or is just shy of closing completely. The most likely culprit is the down limit switch.┬áHere’s a couple of steps you can take to adjust your opener to shut your garage door completely.

Get a Ladder

Place the ladder directly under the box portion of the garage door opener. You can have someone hold the ladder if it’s not the most sturdy.

Spot the Two Limit Adjustment Screws

Once you spot them; they are located on the side or more often than not, the back of the opener.

Turn the screws

Using a flat head screwdriver turn the screw marked “Close” or “Down” counterclockwise, from one-half to one full turn. This will move the door a few inches depending on your make and model.

Rinse and Repeat

You can now step of your ladder and push the button on the remote or wall unit to open your garage. Testing it a few times to see where the garage door stops. Continue to adjust the screw until you have the desired result for your garage door.

There you go, that should set up your garage door if it’s not closing all the way due to your opener. Always be safe when working with your garage door and always remember, you can call the experts here at Ace Garage Door Repair Greenacres FL to help you with any and all of your garage door needs.